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Sasha and Tim Wedding

When I was going to school for my B.A., I met this wonderful young lady named Sasha. After a wonderful computer class which was just a real daily treat, we stayed in contact after it ended. When she told me she wanted me to be her wedding photographer, I was elated. Her wedding day made for a pretty long day. The outdoor wedding was set in a beautifully wooded Wild River State Park; also coincidentally that day was super humid and there were bugs and gnats a plenty. Despite the environmental factors, the day turned out magnificent. Have a sneak peek!

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Symmetry Eyewear – Sarah Mraz

Recently I was asked to shoot product shots for a handful of frames for Symmetry Eyewear’s MN representative Sarah Britney. So we got ourselves a great local model, Sarah Mraz. The shoot was at my studio in Saint Paul, MN and turned out fantastic. Have a look.

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Last night I had the opportunity to work with a new hair stylist and make up artist, MJ. Our original model had cancelled and MJ stepped up and offered to be the model AND stylist AND makeup artist. Considering, my job was much easier. We (myself and my assistant Kathy) did the shots using three speedlights and were using the seedy alley behind MJ’s house as our setting. I love these shots!

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Not long ago I met this young lady, Kesha, through a mutual friend. Later I ran into her at Epic during a concert. So then after some schedule figuring we were able to get an afternoon to get in the studio and do some portraits. The first set was more casual and I felt they needed to be in black and white. The second set was straight color with very minimal editing. The last set was all natural light, little or no strobes, very natural feel to them in her little yellow dress. I look forward to working with her again.

In fact, she told me “I wanted to let you know that the people closest to me, including my mother, feel you did a great job capturing my “essence”. A very nice compliment!”

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Snowstorm of Dec 2010

So as pretty much every single person in the central and southern Minnesota are aware of, is that we got blasted with a huge blizzard that is really just dumping a lot of snow everywhere. There are cars stuck all over, snow drifts that are easily over 3-4 feet tall and on top of that it’s bitter cold and blustery out. Today is an all around rough day for anyone who had to go out into it today. After two trips of shoveling, I decided to brave the cutting wind and wade through feet of snow to take some photos. I didn’t venture very far from home since my hands quickly got dangerously cold despite having gloves on. Welcome to winter in Minnesota.

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Eagan, MN in Black and White

Back in May 2009 when I was living in Eagan, MN, I went for a walk one day. Roamed around the neighborhood enjoy the scenery. So many people take the areas they live in for granted and don’t explore the beauty of where they live. The beauty may not be a blooming flower, it may not be a cute woodland animal prancing around, but instead it may be the rusty bolt on the side of the garage or the mystery can faded by the sun hiding next to a brush pile. Either way, if you have a camera, go for a photo walk some time, you’d be surprised what you’ll find when you take your time.

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