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I have always been a fan of juicing, but recently I have really taken it to heart. I recently reached the heaviest I have ever weighed, 280 lbs. Now anyone that knows me never believes that I weigh that much because thankfully I carry my weight really well. Regardless, it’s the heaviest I have ever [...]

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Adam Warner Photography Updates

Adam Warner Photography has been making some leaps and bounds for this 2011 season. First of all there is a complete archive which is barely 1/4 done, go into the Galleries and scroll to the bottom. A few people have asked “what’s the point of an archive?” and my answer is to show all the [...]

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Wu-Tang at Epic Event Center

For those of you who may not know, I am the house photographer at Epic Event Center and I love my job like there is no tomorrow. I get to photograph amazing artists in a wide variety of genre’s as well as the fans who go out to party and have a good time. This [...]

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Light Painting

Way back when, I used to be involved with a local photography group. While I was with them, I participated in one of the classes that taught light painting. It was a really neat concept that I had barely dabbled with in the past and that dabbling was accidental. So here is the gallery that [...]

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Snowstorm of Dec 2010

So as pretty much every single person in the central and southern Minnesota are aware of, is that we got blasted with a huge blizzard that is really just dumping a lot of snow everywhere. There are cars stuck all over, snow drifts that are easily over 3-4 feet tall and on top of that [...]

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Eagan, MN in Black and White

Back in May 2009 when I was living in Eagan, MN, I went for a walk one day. Roamed around the neighborhood enjoy the scenery. So many people take the areas they live in for granted and don’t explore the beauty of where they live. The beauty may not be a blooming flower, it may [...]

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Welcome to Adam Warner Photography

Here is the first blog post of the brand new Adam Warner Photography. This website is the personal photography website for myself, Adam Warner. I have spent the years doing many different types of photography, all self taught. But if I had to pick an area of expertise, I would specialize in low-light fast-action and [...]

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