Adam Warner Photography Updates

Adam Warner Photography has been making some leaps and bounds for this 2011 season. First of all there is a complete archive which is barely 1/4 done, go into the Galleries and scroll to the bottom. A few people have asked “what’s the point of an archive?” and my answer is to show all the clubs I have worked with, non-profit groups, fashion shows and wonderful people and families I have been able to work with over my career.

Next, Adam Warner Photography has established a presence on several wedding promotion sites such as WeDJ, WedAlert and The Wedding Vendor. These are all great wedding promotion sites that many brides and grooms alike visit. No doubt my wedding schedule will book full up this year.

I have made a few changes to the packages offered as well. The wedding packages remain the same, however portrait packages have gotten better for you, the customer! The Basic Portrait session has increased to a full hour and the number of images you get has increased. The Deluxe Portrait session has increased to two hours and the number of images you get has increased as well.

Lastly, during the month of January, I’m giving away a Deluxe Portrait session to a random lucky visitor. All you have to do is post a comment on the Adam Warner Photography blog. Tell me that a gallery looks good, that you want to hire me, pretty much any comments, suggestions, questions, or anything. Tell you friends and spread the word! Feb 1st I’ll announce the winner and you’ll get a gift certificate for a $225 portrait session; doesn’t get any easier than that.

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Wu-Tang at Epic Event Center

For those of you who may not know, I am the house photographer at Epic Event Center and I love my job like there is no tomorrow. I get to photograph amazing artists in a wide variety of genre’s as well as the fans who go out to party and have a good time. This past weekend, Wu-Tang Clan rolled through town on their Rebirth Tour. They had support from other rappers such as Mod Sun and Muja Messiah plus several others. This gallery can also be seen on Minneapolis2Night.
I also want to take a moment and do a little bit of gloating, when you visit Minneapolis2Night, you’ll see on the right hand side of the Party Pics area, that I am the #1 photographer by a landslide. This is where I toot my own horn and say that it’s numbers like those that validate how damn good I am icon wink Wu Tang at Epic Event Center

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Light Painting

Way back when, I used to be involved with a local photography group. While I was with them, I participated in one of the classes that taught light painting. It was a really neat concept that I had barely dabbled with in the past and that dabbling was accidental. So here is the gallery that came of that evening learning light painting.

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Snowstorm of Dec 2010

So as pretty much every single person in the central and southern Minnesota are aware of, is that we got blasted with a huge blizzard that is really just dumping a lot of snow everywhere. There are cars stuck all over, snow drifts that are easily over 3-4 feet tall and on top of that it’s bitter cold and blustery out. Today is an all around rough day for anyone who had to go out into it today. After two trips of shoveling, I decided to brave the cutting wind and wade through feet of snow to take some photos. I didn’t venture very far from home since my hands quickly got dangerously cold despite having gloves on. Welcome to winter in Minnesota.

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Kajal Dance Company

In Sept 2009, I had the chance to work with a few of the members of Kajal Dance Company. These three lovely ladies, Kahdijah-Vishali, Marissa and Luna-Rouge made for a wonderful shoot in Minnehaha Falls park in Saint Paul, MN. Be sure to keep an eye out for their performances and always support local artists.

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Eagan, MN in Black and White

Back in May 2009 when I was living in Eagan, MN, I went for a walk one day. Roamed around the neighborhood enjoy the scenery. So many people take the areas they live in for granted and don’t explore the beauty of where they live. The beauty may not be a blooming flower, it may not be a cute woodland animal prancing around, but instead it may be the rusty bolt on the side of the garage or the mystery can faded by the sun hiding next to a brush pile. Either way, if you have a camera, go for a photo walk some time, you’d be surprised what you’ll find when you take your time.

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Welcome to Adam Warner Photography

Here is the first blog post of the brand new Adam Warner Photography. This website is the personal photography website for myself, Adam Warner. I have spent the years doing many different types of photography, all self taught. But if I had to pick an area of expertise, I would specialize in low-light fast-action and general event photography. I love photographing people of all shapes, sizes and types. Working class, models, strangers, it doesn’t matter who. So drop me a line sometime and let’s do some portraits.

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